We strongly feel that ideas, projects become reliable products through communities.



You are invited to build a mutually beneficial future of EV infrastructure by partnering with us in creating EV charging programs based on EV.Re™.

If you find what EV.Re™ provides a compelling proposition and want to know what is possible with EV.Re™ for your business, contact us:


Microgrid Cooperatives

Strengthen the ties with your community by building a program that enables painless and manageable electric vehicle incorporation into your microgrid. Make your community known as an electric vehicle friendly zone.

See how our EV.Re™ community can offer and enhance your microgrid community.


Electric Vehicle Makers

Here is an opportunity to make your brand stand out. With EV.Re™ embedded on board, your vehicle will provide your customer with the ability to adapt to changes in available load from a local power provider; be it a utility or microgrid. It will provide a guaranteed charge level within time deadline.

Look into how EV.Re™ can make your brand stand out from the crowd. 


Auto Parts Suppliers

When it comes to electric vehicles, it is not whether but how soon. Our community can offer a value- added product to a fast growing market of electric vehicle individual and fleet owners. Seize this opportunity to be a recognized, valuable member of the electric vehicle world.

See what being part of the EV.Re™ community can do for you business.   



EV.Re™ provides an ideal platform for value-added solutions for electric vehicle energy management. With your imagination and our community, EV.Re™ can serve as a platform to deliver value to a waiting market.

See and act on the possibilities.